Custom Crates

custom crate supplier temple tx and waco tx

Invest in a Sturdier Shipping Option

Turn to a custom crate supplier serving the Temple, Austin, Waco, TX and Central Texas area

Getting ready to ship your goods overseas? Make sure you hire a custom crate supplier to keep your products safe while in transit. Pechal Pallets builds durable wooden crates for clients in Temple, Austin, Waco, TX and the surrounding areas.

Need to ship your goods in heat-treated wood? We provide heat-treated (HT) stamping for export. Call 254-773-4460 today to place an order from an experienced export crate manufacturer.

Custom shipping, done right

Let's face it - international shipping can be rough on your products. If you want to protect your goods while they're transported overseas, be sure to hire a custom crate supplier.

Pechal Pallets can create custom shipping containers for items that are:

  • Oversized
  • Easily damaged
  • Too heavy for cardboard packaging

When you need an export crate manufacturer, call on us. We build crates for clients in the Temple, Austin & Waco, TX area and beyond. Contact us today to speak with a shipping professional.